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Why You Need an ETA for Canada

If you have plans that involve taking a trip to Canada this coming year, you’ll want to plan ahead. Otherwise, even if you’ve been there before, it’s possible you’ll have the wrong kind of surprise waiting for you. That’s because to travel to this country, an ETA is now necessary. Without one, it would be no...
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4 Things to Know About the New ETA Canada

As you may have heard, to travel to this country, an travel authorization is now necessary because of legislation passed back in December of 2013. While you won’t need an ETA Canada before March 15th, the following information will help you better understand what this new requirement involves. American Citizens Are Exempt If you can prove you’re...
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Don’t Leave for Canada Without an ETA

Without a Canada ETA, you’ll need to rethink any plans you might have about visiting this country next year. That’s because, after March 15th, 2016, you can’t enter without your authorization. Introducing the Canada ETA The Canada ETA is part of the government’s revision of their visa policy. As you’d expect, then, this means you can’t enter the...
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