Why the Canadian Rockies Should Not Be Missed

Every province in Canada has something to see (in fact several things). New Brunswick offers the Bay of Fundy, has the fun and joy of the Maritime culture, and the Hopewell Rocks. Quebec is a French province contained within a largely English speaking nation (though of course, Canada is officially bi-lingual). Ontario has the famous capital city, Ottawa, and the bustle of the busy Toronto. The Prairie provinces offer even their own take on beauty and nature. But surely one of the most discussed Canadian sights is the Canadian Rockies.

While British Colombia is full of mountains and forested regions, it borders on Alberta. Alberta not only has access to some of the mountains, but significant valleys, waterfalls, and other natural formations associated with the Rockies. The Canadian Rockies can be viewed from several cities, Alberta alone offers Banff, Canmore, Jasper, and Louise, and are a sight to behold indeed.

Towering mountains, staggering valleys, distinctive and uniquely shaded water… these are the sights you will never forget with the Canadian Rockies. What’s more, because they are there for people to come and enjoy there is a large amount of activity to enjoy them with.

People can choose whether to come and simply awe and examine the view from a hike, to go for a rafting adventure, or maybe even to ski through the Rockies – it is all up to you.

The bottom line here is that if you haven’t yet seen the wonder of the Canadian Rockies – you ought to. Get your passport, your ETA Canada, and your bags – it’s finally time to take in the sights!

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