What to do after Applying for ETA Canada

What to do after Applying for ETA Canada

After providing all necessary information and data required to process your eTA, a confirmation is always sent within few minutes or hours to notify you of your successful registration.

If after three business days you did not receive any confirmation, you should expect an email that would inform you of next possible course of action to take. Please note that processing time for eTA may differ because of one reason or another.

One reason for not getting confirmation email after application would be due to a change of email address.

After your request has been approved and your eTA now successfully linked to your passport, you would be able to travel in and out of Canada. When travelling, the passport used in applying for the eTA is shown to the staffs at the airline center and after they must have looked through it, confirmed it and asked you a few questions, you would have access to go to Canada.

The eTA is valid for a period or 5 years or for as long as your passport is valid. If your passport expires before your eTA, you would have to reapply for another one before visiting the country again.

Normally, one is allowed to stay up to six months in the country using the eTA. If you seek to elongate your visit, there is an application process to follow.

Please note that the eTA does not guarantee your entry into Canada. There are other basic requirements one must fulfil to guarantee entry.

The basic requirements

  • You must be in good health condition.
  • You must have sufficient finance to see you through your stay.
  • Upon the expiration of your stay, you would leave.
  • You should have a travel document like a passport.
  • You should not been convicted of any criminal activities and must follow the process in application if you have a criminal record.
  • Not only should you have a job, family or other engagements that would take you back to your home country, you must also prove it to the immigration officers.

Now that you have your eTA and have met the basic requirements, you are now guaranteed access to enjoy the beauty and wonderful attractions of Canada.

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