What to Bring to Go Camping in Canada

For a lot of people, camping can be a great way to enjoy the outdoors and keep a vacation affordable. Camping can be done in a range of style, from the basic tent and sleeping bag set up, all the way up to renting an RV and hooking up every night to allow electricity. Whatever is decided, it’s important to be prepared for the type of camping that’s being done, and to know what to expect.

Decision 1: Tent or trailer

This is the first big question to ask, will the vacation take place in a tent or a trailer. Tents are often the most affordable options, sometimes not even requiring renting a site, but are also often the least comfortable. RVs on the other hand are the most comfortable, but also the most expensive, often with site fees and plug in fees (as well as waste disposal fees). There are options in between (trailers that can be towed on the back of a car, comfortable cars, etc.) but the first step is finding out what the family is looking for on this type of vacation.

Decision 2: Where to camp

This involves selecting both a general location (city/province), and knowing some of the regulations about where camping is allowed (or where the nearest campgrounds are). Don’t forget to consider the amenities, as some campgrounds are more comfortably equipped than others and this can play a huge role in where to spend the night.

Decision 3: How to store the supplies

This will in part be decided when the decision of tent vs trailer is made, but it is critical to have a place to keep food that will not attract animals. This is often not as big of an issue in large campgrounds, or when RV camping, but if setting up a tent in the woods think about how to keep the food out of reach of roaming animals (and hopefully as scent covered as possible).

With these three decisions made, you’ll be well on your way to planning a great camping adventure. Don’t forget to check out what sites are available locally, and what trails or adventures you might want to take during the day!

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