Unique Destination Series: Niagra Falls, Ontario

Niagra Falls are a set of the most famous and beautiful waterfalls to behold. So striking are these falls that the city was named after them, the entire city is full of fun things to see and do for Canadian visitors.

People come from around the world to enjoy Niagra Falls. Viewing the falls themselves is only part of the experience, as there are often festivals (like the winter festival of lights, or the winter wine festival) to be enjoyed right alongside them. Each night the falls are illuminated in a different way, and on certain occasions they are actually the center of a large fireworks display. No matter when they’re viewed, the falls themselves are worth the trip.

In recognition of this however, the city has sprung up an active and adventurous tourism industry around it. There is the Falls Casino, a popular nightlife destination where people can come and play before going out for a drink or a walk along the water. There are also a series of luxury hotels along the falls, allowing a breathtaking view as guests go about their day.

The falls themselves have several ways to view them, and a few activities. These include taking a walk up to the observation decks surrounding the falls, or (for the braver among us), taking a Maids of the Mist boat tour through the water.

No matter when visited, or what adventures are undertaken, these waterfalls are some of the most breathtaking around the world, and offer a true vacation experience of both nature and city life. Get your passport, your ETA Canada, and your bags – it’s finally time to visit!

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