Unique Destination Series: Hotel de Glace, Quebec City (all snow and ice!)

For anybody who loves winter, appreciated the recent Disney favourite Frozen, or has just ever wondered what an entire building made of ice would look like, consider visiting the Hotel de Glace in Quebec City.

As the name suggests, this surprisingly large hotel offers !! square feet, room enough to showcase 44 hotel rooms, made entirely of ice! From the floor to the ceiling, the entire building is a celebration of the wintery materials, ice and snow.

Guests can come and visit the hotel, stay at the hotel, or merely engage in winter activities around the hotel, depending on personal preference. Guests can stay overnight in a bed made of an ice base, come in for an ice glass served cocktail, or even create their own icy creations in some of the upper tier packages.

On top of staying at the hotel itself, and the amazingness of the sight, there are a myriad of winter activities offered at the hotel. Some of the activities they offer include a winter slide, sledding, an indoor spa to warm back up again, and even ice hosted weddings for the particularly winter crazed fans. There is nothing like this in all the world, hence it making the unique destination series. A stay at the Hotel de Glace will be one that is unforgettable, unique, and surely cold!

“The Ice Hotel” as it has come to be known is open each year from January to late March, and is frequently changing and advancing to show different icy creations. It is worth noting that the hotel is entirely safe, as the icy foundations are often laid over wood. You will be secure, and there are plenty of ways to warm up (blankets, spa, and even just warmer areas of the hotel). Designers are involved each year in creation and sculpting this beautiful and unique sightseeing opportunity. Just one more reason to visit Canada today! Don't forget your ETA Canada before coming to visit!

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