Unique Destination Series: Fantasyland Hotel Edmonton Mall, Alberta

The Edmonton Mall is one of the largest malls in the world, and a true Canadian tourist attraction. Located in the prairie province of Alberta, the mall is at the heart of the city and offers a full range of service providers and ways to entertain yourself and your family.

Among them is the unique destination being discussed today, the Fantasyland Hotel. As the name suggests, the hotel prides itself on being something out of a dream, and practically drips with luxury. The rooms are themed in Roman luxury, calling back to a time of pillars, gorgeous rugs, and unbelievable architecture. You will feel like a King or Queen sleeping in these rooms, they are seriously gorgeous. The rooms also offer additional features, like in room Jacuzzis and minibars, that ensure you only go out if you want to.

If you do want to go out, the hotel offers a restaurant itself (on top of room service), and is of course right within the West Edmonton Mall. Head out for a full day of shopping before coming back to a charming grilled steak. Finish your night off by relaxing or heading out on the town. The name of the game here is convenience, and Fantasyland Hotel offers it endlessly to its guests.

Looking for more family friendly activity? Head out to the Galaxyland Amusement Park, also located in the Edmonton Mall. The kids will love it, and the parents are never far from relaxing services of the hotel, making the trip fun for the whole family.

If ever there were a way to fully experience the Edmonton Mall in all its greatness, staying at the Fantasyland Hotel would be it. Get your ETA Canada and live in the action!

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