Unique Destination Series: Cape Adventures Park (Parc Adventures Cap) Jaseux, Saint-Fulgence QC

Anybody who loves the outdoors has to take a look at this truly unique travel destination, Cape Adventures Park. The Park offers a host of adventures to choose from, including everything from just enjoying the scenery to whale watching, ziplining, hiking, and cruising!

This variety is indeed what the park has become famous for. Guests can choose their package based on the types of activities they’d like to indulge in, or just use it as their accommodations while they decide which activities to do. There is food, activity, and accommodation available on site, all dependent on guest preference – and the views are worth the trip in and of themselves!

It is worth noting that the accommodations themselves are unique, guests can choose from staying in one of the following: camping typically, log cabins, spheres that are almost completely windows to provide incredible views of nature, suspended spheres in the trees that provide an even more spectacular view, and even tree houses! This list itself is so wild and inspiring it probably has a lot of people already excited, and would truly lead to a trip to remember.

The camp itself offers Wifi at the visitor center, childrens’ activities, half and full day excursions, and a host of nearby community activities as well. The excursions are staff led, and depend on the package purchased, but all look memorable and adventurous. They even have special outtings planned on days with a full moon!

Surely the outdoor lover’s dream, this Quebec treasure is one not to be missed in a visit to Canada! Get your ETA Canada, and come out to see these amazing sights.


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