Top 5 Restaurants in Canada

If you are amongst the category of people whose eTA application got rejected and had to go through long procedures to apply again, there’s a consolation for all the stress. The restaurants serving assorted meals, wines and desserts would not only make up for all that hassle but also make your trip worthwhile . Undoubtedly, having a dining experience in any top restaurant located in Canada is one of the reasons tourists file in by their numbers.

For an experience of the lifetime when you find yourself here, these restaurants should be visited and a taste of their delicacies ordered for your taste buds.


One of the biggest restaurants in Montreal ran by Chef Normand Laprise. Lovers of top service, good meals and perfect ambience would fall in love with this place. Well, it’s either that or you get head over heels with their seven course sampling menu.


The one thing that comes to mind when you hear of this restaurant is flowers. Look beyond the fancy name and grab yourself some warm bread and a starter made by the chef’s Chef Jason Carter at Dandylion. This little restaurant serving simple meals is the delight of so many. There’s always a crowd in this place so be sure to check in early.

Hawksworth Restaurant

Located at Rosewood hotel, this restaurant boasts of nothing but exotic décor and the best tasty dishes on the block. Try out their appealing deserts, duck breasts cuisines or a wine from the bar. The feel and service here is similar to the kind you would find at most rated Paris restaurants.


With the prettiest of scene, wide selection of cocktails and of course a five course meal sampler menu, this spot is one to drive to. Enjoy a peaceful relaxation with friends, have a business meeting, throw a bridal shower or a birthday party. Whatever you choose to do, Alo got you covered.


With a wide selection of sea food ranging from raw bars to whole bass, Edulis is the perfect Bistro in Canada to have lunch. After a long day of touring the city and exploring it’s beauty, top of the cake with a perfect icing by stopping over here and ordering a meal or two.

There’s so much to explore, and so much to eat. Apply for your eTA Canada and come taste Canada’s finest.

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