The Beauty of British Columbia

British Columbia is one of the most popular Canadian tourism provinces. The province boasts a diverse population, a series of breathtaking and unforgettable views, and a lot of potential activity depending on what the traveller is looking for. This article is going to highlight just a few of the things to do and see in the beautiful British Columbia.

The Redwood Forests

Redwood forests are full of thousands of trees older than most of humanity could ever hope to be. The trees tower and create an almost mystical atmosphere that many guests adore, and none ever forget. The Redwood forests are just one thing to be seen in BC!

Whale watching

Whale watching is another popular activity for tourists to British Columbia. The province is not only coastal, it’s actually also home to a series of wildlife reserves that include not only whales, but also eagles and other rare species. This is just yet one more reason to draw nature lovers to the province, and with good cause.


Another great way to experience BC is to take a hike outdoors. From the mountains and the waterfalls, to the wildlife and the vastness, the region is absolutely incredibly full of natural beauty to be experienced. It is home to hundreds of trails that range in difficulty, so no matter what the fitness level involved is there is sure to be something for everyone.


Vancouver is also extremely popular for its nightlife, as there is a substantial amount set up in this large city. The province is more than ready to welcome people looking to find a new place to go out to, and with the mountains in the background who can resist!

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