Sights of Ottawa

Ottawa is the capital of Canada, an extremely popular choice for those looking to learn more about the nation or even just those looking to settle. There is a host of tourism set up for both locals and visitors to enjoy, and this article is going to overview four awesome sights to be sure not to miss when going through Ottawa.

National Gallery of Canada

This gallery’s building is a piece of art itself, a true testament to both architecture and aesthetics. The building is packed with the works of Canadian artists and a brief history of Canadian contributions to the artistic community. A beautiful place to enjoy.

Canadian Aviation and Space Museum

Several countries were involved in the ‘race to space’, and each was paving their own path in their attempts to launch and learn. The Canadian Aviation and Space Museum educates about Canada’s path through Space travel, as well as the history of Canadian Aviation. An educational and inspiringly inventive place, this is a museum not to be missed!

Canadian War Museum

Another aspect of Canadian culture, its military exploits, are catalogued in this standing memorial to those lost and to battles had. People can walk through and feel as though they’re stepping through pieces of Canadian military history.

Parliament Hill

Finally, Parliament Hill. This is where, to date, the Canadian government works out of. Tourists can move through the Parliament buildings, observe the daily session of Parliament sometimes, and see the beautiful and massive library (and other amazing sights) that all make up the heart of Canadian political history. This sight is architecturally, politically, and educationally invaluable and should not be missed for any one new to Ottawa.

Whatever you decide to go and see, don’t forget to check out Ottawa’s incredible restaurants and nightlife!

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