Reason for the implementation of ETA

Reason for the implementation of ETA

Canada has joined USA and Australia to implement the electronic travel authorization system. The new system which aims to blend the travel system of Canada with the US would be in full effect before the deadline on September 29 2016. Although the system is looked upon with scrutiny by some as a move on the part of Canadian government to stop refugees from gaining entry into the country, the major reasons for the implementation is of benefit to all citizens of Canada.

The application process has been made simple that all one needs is an Internet connection and a one time payment of $7 CAD. According to statistics the non-exempt foreign nationals excluding citizens of the United states account for over 74% of foreign visitors who enter Canada by air. This was one of the reasons eTA application was made compulsory for visa-exempt foreign nationals.

Some other reasons why the system was introduced and made mandatory by the government includes;

  • To determine the admissibility of foreign nationals who seek to enter into the country. The system was put in place to know who was qualified and fit to cross the Canadian borders.
  • To find out if any foreign national seeking entry into the country would pose as a security threat or migration risk.
  • To increase the amount of information to be shared between Canada and USA. This shared information aids both government to duly assess all visa application.
  • To collate data’s regarding the entry and exits of citizen which would enable them detect those who overstay the allotted time given them.
  • The system would give more momentum to the existing visa program.
  • To provide sufficient information of foreign nationals who seek to gain entry into the country.
  • To bond with the United States existing travel security system and account for the deficit in information and knowledge in visa application.
  • To ensure credibility and reliability.
  • To prevent terrorist invasion by anyone. This accounts to why the foreign nationals who do not have a TRV or eTA is not allowed entry.

While the system has useful benefits it also raises some concerns as regards to the amount of personal data being shared and stored. Registration for the eTA is still ongoing to grant individuals who have not been registered on the program sufficient time to do so. All registration processes can be completed online and an email would be sent to confirm a successful application within few minutes. Keep in mind that due to varying reasons, processing time may different for individuals.

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