Orca Captivity Banned in Ontario

In the summer of 2015, the Ontario government announced its decision to be among the first of the provinces to ban Orca captivity. While people love being able to see and watch whales, it has been argued that keeping them captive is inhumane at best, and that the best way to truly view these majestic creatures is in the wild.

Following a documentary called Blackfish, a film which highlighted the plight of the captive killer whale, several regions throughout the world (including California) have begun to ban orca captivity. Ontario in particular has banned breeding of killer whales, or acquisition of them. The only remaining captive whale in Ontario remains in Marineland’s possession, a theme park set up to view aquatic life, and the park will not be allowed to obtain a replacement once this whale passes on.

This is truly great news for animal lovers, as it allows orcas to remain free and in the wild – where they in fact remain happiest and are still quite likely to be seen! Those hoping to go whale watching can still happily sign up on a tour, or even visit the Michael Bogg’s Orca Reserve in British Columbia, as an alternative to viewing the massive mammals being held in uncomfortably tiny tanks.

Check the blog for several great whale watching locations. Whether looking for Orcas, Belugas, Blue Whales, or even Humpbacks, Canada is a fantastic destination that has become globally recognized as a hot spot for whale watching.

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