Making the Most Out of a Trip to the Maritimes

The Maritimes is a name that has been given to three provinces: New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island. The name Maritime literally translates to “of the sea”, yet has been famously coined for the three provinces mentioned.

The provinces are close enough together that they can often all be enjoyed over the course of a few days, taking in the sights of the tiny Prince Edward Island (PEI), the beauty and awe of the Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick, and the culture and history of Nova Scotia.

The area is vastly different depending on the season, so please be aware of the implications of when you’re travelling when planning a trip to the Maritime provinces. Winter will be snowy and cold, and summer will be enjoyably sunny.

No matter when you go, be sure to take in some of the amazing sights. There are both natural sights and cultural events that make the Maritimes an unforgettable trip. Below are some of the activities that can be undertaken.

Cabot Trail

Nova Scotia has a famous trail, Cabot trail, that hikers, bikers, and even drivers can enjoy. The trail is set up along the breathtaking view of the coast. There is something about looking out and seeing only water, and realizing you’re driving on the edge of land, that just creates a natural sense of wonder and awe.

Music Festivals

A huge part of the maritime culture has become music festivals and celebrations of culture and Canadian values. These are full of fun, often family friendly, and home to extremely talented professionals.

Whale Watching Tours

For whaling enthusiasts, people can take tours just to go out and try to catch a glimpse of a revered humpback or blue whale. This can be a surreal experience, and is surely one not to be forgotten – a truly unique offering.

No matter what you decide to enjoy there’s a lot to be seen in the Maritime provinces!

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