Long lost wreck of Sir John Franklin Found in Nunavut

In another example of how the world is full of the unexpected, the long lost wreckage of the HMS Terror has turned up. For those of us catching up on our history, the HMS Terror was one of two ships taken by Sir John Franklin on what has come to be termed as the ‘doomed 1845 Franklin expedition’. The British lead expedition aimed to explore more of the artic, eventually landing in and near the Canadian portion of the arctic.

While he was meant to be navigating the infamous Northwest Passage, the ships unfortunately ultimately were not destined to reach their destination. Instead, the ships became lodged in the ice, much to the dismay of the crew and the expedition as a whole. Though history has been able to report some things about it, like the hundreds of lives lost and their approximate destination, the wrecks themselves have never been found. It has been many years since this expedition, and the ships were both thought to be long gone.

That being said, CBC has recently reported that researcher Martin Bergmann has lead an expedition that has resulted in finding the HMS Terror, one of the two ships of the famous journey. While the wreckage is still being validated formally, informally historians have come to recognize and congratulate Bergmann and his team on this incredible discovery.

The wreckage is located in Nunavut Bay, and may represent just one more reason the North can be worth checking out!

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