How does ETA to Canada boost tourism?

How does ETA to Canada boost tourism?

Every country has its own specific guidelines regarding how foreigners enter their country and leave. In Canada, an ETA legislation has been recently passed for those traveling through its borders. The Electronic Travel Authorization has become mandatory since March 15, 2016. There are no group applications for ETA and it costs $7 per traveler. Canadian and US citizens are exempted from the application.

ETA Canada is an attempt to make traveling safer for travelers outside the perimeter of North America. The purpose is to the integrity of the immigration program and enhances the safety of Canadians along with other travelers. Needless to say, ETA makes the country a lot safer. All foreign nationals must get an electronic travel authorization before they can enter Canada. Travelers can apply for an ETA through an application procedure online and get it approved within minutes.

How ETA Canada boosts tourism
Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Canada Chris Alexander informed media and press about changes in visa policies that will help promote tourism. ETA project in 2016 will lead to partially lifted visa requirement for the Bulgarian, Romanian, Brazilian and Mexican travelers. Another positive development is the opening of a new visa office in Guangzhou, China. Those efforts and changes are sure to encourage travelers heading for Canada and boost tourism. The proposed changes are certain to impact travel and tourism sectors and the Visa-exempt foreign nationals.

What adds to the safety aspect is an Interactive Advance Passenger Information (IAPI) system that will monitor all travelers and flights to Canada before boarding. The Government will check with airlines if travelers that need ETA Canada are correctly documented and fit to travel to Canada. All those aspects will add to the number of tourists and travelers traveling to Canada as well as enhance safety.

If you are planning to board a Canada-bound aircraft, it is essential to find out about your status and the need for eTA. The aim is to run the security check before they board the plane, rather than get checked upon arrival at a Canadian airport. This is a part of an action plan to create a common approach to screening visa-exempt foreign nationals. eTA is not repaired by those entering Canada by sea or land and applies only to those arriving by air. The eTA validity lasts for five years and allows multiple entries to Canada.

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