Hopewell Rocks Unexpectedly Changed

Canada is full of sights of natural wonder and beauty. From the beauty of British Columbia and its’ amazing hiking trails to the Bay of Fundy and the famous Hopewell Rocks, there is a lot to see across the provinces. One such sight, Hopewell Rocks, may be one to get to sooner rather than later.

Hopewell Rocks, also known as Elephant Rock and the Flowerpot Rocks, are incredible tall standing rock formations that stand in New Brunswick, Canada. It’s hard to describe their scale without seeing the pictures for oneself, but they are immense and gorgeous. People can come and walk through the beaches beneath them at low tide, and then watch from an above viewing deck as the tide comes in and water rushes over the beach and up the formations. There are several rock formations, each with its own shape and size, but all of which come together to form an unforgettable view.

Recently, in March of 2016, one of the most famous of the Hopewell Rocks – Elephant Rock – split in half and collapsed. There are several formations still standing, and it’s still quite a sight to be seen, but this has irreversibly changed the view. Sometimes it feels as though natural wonders will always be there for travellers to enjoy, but this shift represents the fact that that may not always be true. It is important to take in these sights and wonders while they exist, because the view is not always guaranteed to be the same.

Hopewell Rocks remains open of course, having several additional formations and still quite a lot to admire, and officials working in the region state how the collapse has really added to the view. There’s something extremely humbling about realizing that even a massive rock formation that’s stood for years can fall, and realizing that human beings are only a fraction of the size of that formation. It is awe inspiring in and of itself.

The moral of the story then may well be to not postpone your trip to Canada. If you’ve been thinking of visiting, plan out those tickets, get your ETA, and come out to see these amazing sights.

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