Frequently Asked Questions about ETA Canada

What is eTA?

This is a requirement for visa-exempt foreign nationals seeking to fly into Canada. The eTA is valid for 5 years and is always linked to a passport.

How can I apply for the eTA?

Application for this is made online and the process can be completed in minutes.

When is the deadline for registering for the eTA?

As of now, the leniency period runs till September 29th 2016.

Can I travel to Canada within the lineicy period without my eTA?

As long as your passport is valid and meet other travel requirements, you can travel to Canada without an eTA up until September 29

What can I do if my application was refused?

Find out the reason for the refusal and reapply for the eTA again.

A visa-exempt foreign national is who?

A visa-exempt foreign national is one who is not a citizen of Canada and who doesn’t require a visa to come into Canada.

Would other countries who still use visas to go to Canada be able to register for the eTA?

For now, countries who use visas would still keep using their visas till those who do not require visas are fully registered under the system.

Is there an age limit for getting an eTA?

No. The system is opened to all age groups.

I made a mistake in filing out my eTA form, can I correct it?

There is no set out process for making corrections to the eTA application form. Ensure to pay close attention when putting in your details.

Would I get a refund if I cancel out my order or if my application is refused ?

Unfortunately, the processing fee of $7 CAD for the eTa is non-refundable and cannot be remitted under any circumstances.

I am a US citizen, Do I need to apply for the eTA even if I have a valid passport?

No. Citizens of the United states holding a valid passport do not need a visa or eTA When coming into Canada.

My family and I are taking a road trip to Canada in few months, do we need to apply for the eTA?

No. The eTA only covers air transportation. Those travelling by land or sea currently do not need to register for one.

I have a trip to Canada planned in one week, can I register for the eTA and get it before then?

Yes.It takes about 3 days to process the application.

I was charged over $7 CAD for registering for eTA , have I been scammed?

If you registered with a third party site then you would be charged an extra token for processing.

I have gotten numerous tickets for over speed in my country, would I be denied an eTA in Canada?

No. Currently, over speed is not listed as one of the criminal activities to deny an applicant from eTA.

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