ETA Canada Project on Track and Producing Remarkably Fast Results

ETA Canada Project on Track and Producing Remarkably Fast Results

Canada’s ETA Electronic Travel Authorisation program is continuing to attract positive feedback since its launch on March 15, 2016. Although we are still in the period of grace until September 29, 2016 when it becomes an essential requirement, we are becoming increasingly busy because the decision, if positive is available electronically within one minute. To avoid being asked for further information please provide everything we ask for, after carefully checking you meet the requirements in principle.

It’s So Easy to Get an ETA Because Canada Wants to Welcome You!

This brilliant new approach by Government of Canada officials means people coming from visa exempt countries have extra peace of mind of a fast passage through passport control on arrival, meaning they have more time to relax and enjoy everything Canada has to offer. To make it super easy, information about the application process is available in all these popular languages

Arabic English French
German Italian Japanese
Korean Mandarin (simplified) Mandarin (traditional)
Portuguese Spanish

An ETA Canada is an electronic travel authorisation that allows the bearer to enter and leave Canada for a period of five years, or for as long as their passport remains valid. Canada will not withdraw an ETA unless we develop valid reasons not to want an individual in our country. This is very much the exception and not the rule. We recommend you apply for it before you book your train, ship, plane or other transport ticket so you can go ahead and pay for it in confidence.

You Just Need These Few Things Before You Apply on Your Computer

Before you sit down at your desk at home (or at the office, or on a subway, or in a street café, or anywhere else where you have an internet connection) cross check you have the following:

  • A valid passport with enough time on it to cover your visit and return trip
  • $7 Canadian on your VISA / MasterCard / American Express card
  • A working email address because we communicate that way afterwards
  • A list of all your previous addresses with the months and years spent there

Please note that a Canada ETA is a personal privilege that belongs to the user only and is not transferable. You, your partner, your children, and members of the group that you are travelling with must each apply for an ETA separately, although of course you can help them do it.


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