Do you need a visa or eTA?

Do you need a visa or eTA?

According to the CIC, non-exempt foreign nationals who do not require a visa to travel to Canada are best qualified to apply for the eTA Canada.

On the other hand, citizens whose passports are not recognized and who are classified as stateless individuals by the Canadian government are to apply for a temporary resident visa before they would be granted access into the country. Over a hundred countries fall into this category.

Who is issued a temporary resident visa?

A TRV or temporary resident visa is usually issued to anyone who has met the requirements to be admitted into the country either as a visitor, worker or student. This vital document that is usually placed in between any qualified individuals passport is issued by any Canadian visa office. Some of the requirements to be met include;

  • If you are not a citizen or have permanent residency in the country, you should apply for a TRV.
  • Requirements to be met before being considered for a temporary resident visa.
  • Before anyone can be issued a TRV, he or she must meet certain conditions stipulated by a body called the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA). He or she must also;
  • Guarantee and convince the immigration officer that the stay would be temporary.
  • Have no plans or ulterior motives of working or taking up any school course during the stay.
  • Be financially buoyant to sustain oneself throughout the stay.
  • Have no criminal records.

During the TRV application process, biometrics of applicants are sometimes required. According to CIC citizens of these countries need their biometrics taken at any biometric centre for a fee of $85 CAD before continuing with their visa application; Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Albania, Nigeria, Iran, Iraq, Burma, Congo, Egypt, Eritrea, Colombia, Cambodia, Haiti, Jamaican, Jordan, Pakistan, Libya, Somalia, Saudi Arabia, South Sudan, Lebanon, Laos, Tunisia, Vietnam and Yemen.

There are however a few exemptions to this;

  • People below 14 and over 80 do not require biometrics no matter the country.
  • Diplomats on a mission do not require biometrics

You can apply for a TRV online or at a visa application center. Whichever one you choose, your biometrics would be taken and be used to identify you by border service officers at the airport. Be rest assured that your personal data would be kept private and no one would have access to it except the Canadian government. All information given including biometrics and passports would be treated as classified and confidential

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