CN Tower: A Must-Visit Attraction in Canada

Whether you are from Canada or visiting from another country, one destination that you can’t pass up visiting is the CN Tower. This beautiful building has many different things for you to enjoy such as the 360 restaurant, the Edge Walk, and a breath taking view of the city below. Just this building alone can completely make your day and leave you with memories that are unforgettable. But remember that before you can visit any place in Canada, if you go after September 29th, 2016, that you need ETA for Canada in order to enter the country.

360 Restaurant

The first thing that comes to mind when someone typically thinks of a “360 restaurant” is a circular building that has a restaurant inside but not many can imagine the type of restaurant that is inside of the CN Tower without seeing it for themselves. Not only does this restaurant have some outstanding, one of a kind chefs with some extremely mouthwatering food, but the set up and view is to die for. The chefs make a variety of lunch and dinner items that all have ingredients found directly in Canada. The food ranges from delicate sea food to prime ribs to salads and since they change the menus twice a year, you can always try something new and delightful. On top of all of that food, the restaurant is known for having over 550 of the best, award winning wines that are both international and found from Canada itself so that you can always find one that suits your tastes.

The food is incredible, but the setup and view is one that everyone should experience at least once in their life. The restaurant is about 350 meters above the city, Toronto, and is constantly revolving. It doesn’t move quickly enough to really notice it but it moves enough for you to take in all of the breathtaking scenery of the city.

The EdgeWalk

On top of all of that amazing food with an even more amazing restaurant, the is an attraction called the EdgeWalk for all of those thrill seekers out there. The EdgeWalk is 356 meters above the ground and the adventure is a total of about an hour and a half long with 20-30 minutes of walking on the EdgeWalk itself. Included in your package when you buy your ticket for this amazing adventure is access to all of the other amazing attractions that are also in the CN Tower including the LookOut, GlassPod, etc.

If you are in Canada and looking for a place that is fun for any type of person, then definitely check out the CN Tower!

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