Apply for an ETA Canada Today

If you’ve ever traveled to this country before, you probably think you know the checklist for going back. While most of your itinerary may remain the same, starting March 15, 2016, you have to be sure to add a new item to that list or you’ll be denied entry.

Even if you don’t have an upcoming trip, this new document is as essential as a passport for traveling, so it would be a good idea to secure it ASAP.

The ETA Canada

Back in December of 2013,  a legislation was passed regarding screening visitors to their country. They actually modeled their new approach off of their neighbors to the south.

In short, the new

ETA Canada

was part of this revision. It basically functions the same way a visa used to. So even if you’re from Europe, Australia or anywhere else where this country would accept citizens who lacked visas, that’s now changed.

While American citizens are still exempt, if you’re not from the U.S., you’ll definitely want an this authorization if you think you’ll ever be visiting.

How Do I Get it?

Fortunately, it’s incredibly easy for most people to acquire an ETA Canada and you still have until March to get one if you want to travel there.

Basically, you just need a MasterCard, Visa or American Express to pay the $7 CAD it costs. Prepaid versions are fine too.

You’ll need an acceptable passport for identification reasons too and the website will also ask for some biographical details.

All in all, though, it should only take you a couple minutes to get your ETA Canada.

Why You Should Apply Today

Although the process is simple, quick and pain-free, it would still be wise to apply for your Authorization today.


Well, if you find out you have to travel there on urgent business, it could take several weeks to acquire this document. As the process has only been functioning since August, it’s tough to say for sure how long it will take before your Canada ETA arrives.

Plus, as we mentioned above, the government went to great lengths to keep things as simple and affordable as possible. So there’s really no reason to put off going online and getting your authorization.

Remember, too, that you’ll need a passport, so you have to add that on to how long the entire process will take in order to secure your Canada ETA.


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