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A Big Change to Canada’s Tourism Policy

Every year, millions of people take trips to Canada. Some people go there for business, while others will arrive there simply to take advantage of all this beautiful country has to offer. From the great outdoors to amazing urban sprawls, Canada has so much to offer tourists.

Therefore, it makes sense that you might be planning to visit this country in the near future. If that’s the case, though, make sure you have your Canada ETA before trying to board a flight.

The ETA Canada Explained

Although the legislation regarding the Canada ETA was passed back in 2013, they’ve actually only been available since August of 2015. Therefore, most people aren’t very familiar with them at this time.

The ETA Canada is simply a new version of your basic visa. Canada made them requirements for most visitors when they and the United States government decided to update their tourist policies. Sharing a border, it made sense they would do this together.

Do I Need to Obtain a Canada ETA?

Because they passed the law together, citizens of the United States don’t need an ETA. Canada will allow them to enter with proper documentation so long as they do so by land. Otherwise, they must have an ETA to come in by air.

Obviously, Canadian citizens and anyone who is a permanent resident won’t need one. The other exceptions are those who live in Miquelon or Saint Pierre in France. Those visitors will not need a Canada ETA either.

Almost everyone else will need an ETA Canada to enter the country. This includes anyone from countries that have otherwise been considered visa-exempt. So people from anywhere else in France, for example, or from England will now need to have a Canada ETA even though they never needed a visa before.

How to Get Your ETA Canada

To begin the process of applying for a Canada ETA, just head to the CIC website. There, you’ll be asked for some biographical information. In some rare cases, people have had to supply a fingerprint too.

Otherwise, as long as you have a passport, a valid email address and a credit card to pay the $7, you’ll have no problems.

For the most part, you’ll also receive your ETA Canada within minutes of beginning the application process. Then you just print it out and bring it with you when you take your trip to Canada.


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