6 Reasons to Visit Canada in 2016

6 Reasons to Visit Canada in 2016

The wide expanse of Canada remains unparalleled worldwide. What makes the great nation alluring is not just its safe and clean, cosmopolitan cities, but the great outdoors that range from mountains and glaciers as well as secluded lakes and forests. Whatever your interests are as a holidaymaker or whatever you are looking for, Canada will not disappoint.

Here are some good reasons to Visit Canada in 2016.

A Great Exchange Rate
Now is the right time to holiday in Canada and with $1 U.S. dollar equaling $1.4 Canadian dollars, you can plan a wallet-friendly holiday and make some neat savings towards adventurous activities, meals, and shopping. Browse for some great cruise deals and hotel steals.

The most popular cities
It is doubtful that you can explore some of the best cities in the world in one destination. However, in Canada you get the chance to explore the top cities in the world that happen to be the leading   favorite destinations among tourists, for example, Vancouver, Niagara Falls, Calgary, Ottawa, Toronto, Quebec City, Victoria, Montreal and more

A range of natural wonders
There are very rare countries that can boast of the wide variety of natural wonders. In Canada, you will come across some of the most spectacular attractions and especially for those who love outdoors. Head towards Dinosaur Provincial Park, Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks, Nahanni National Park Reserve and enjoy scenic drives.

For those who love Skiing
In winter, one of the favorite pastimes in Canada is skiing. There are endless ski spots in Canada where you can enjoy top-notch skiing. Some of the top favorites are Banff and Whistler that are known for their majestic mountains and well-groomed trails.

Fabulous outdoors
What makes those soaring number of tourists visit Canada every year are those amazingly fabulous outdoors. There is a lot more you can do outside in the beautiful nature. Explore mountains and lakes and lots of greenery where you can enjoy favorite outdoor activities such as Skiing / Snowboarding, Camping, Fishing, Golfing, Canoeing, Skiing, Biking, Climbing, Biking, Climbing, and Snowshoeing Trails all across Canada.

Get ETA Canada
Having an ETA Canada or Electronic Transportation Authorization document means that you can enter Canada for five years and will not face any issue when getting back into the country. Canada ETA will be required for many starting from 2016. Citizens from Visa-Exempt Countries will need ETA Canada. Flay safely and securely.

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