5 Reasons To Apply for ETA

If you are not yet convinced about applying for the new electronic travel authorization system, and would choose to travel by land or sea to escape it, here are 5 major reasons to convince you.

Speed up your journey

Face facts, it is easier, convenient and faster to fly to Canada rather than take a long road trip. There are certain situations that require immediate attention and taking a boat or train won’t just cut it. Fortunately for non-exempt foreign nationals, getting the eTA Canada is the only way to guarantee access to a flight. Enjoy ease of travel and apply online within few minutes.

It is Mandatory

The eTA which began some time ago and would run until September 19 2016 is a compulsory process for all non citizens of Canada who do not require visas to come into the country. Even individuals who fall into the category of visa exempt countries are by law required to apply. It does not matter if you have no intentions of using a plane in the nearest future, the process is for security reasons and the only way to be granted access to Canada is to follow the due procedure and apply.

Enjoy Canada to the highest peak

Canada is home of beautiful places, tasty foods, good people and lots of activities. Get access into this haven and enjoy all the beautiful things it has to offer. View the beautiful falls, watch the birds sing and admire the glistening ice sculptures at select locations in Canada.

Visit tourist sites

A tourist visa and eTA are amongst the travel document needed by non citizens of the country to gain entry. What better way to get maximum satisfaction from your trip than taking pictures at the Niagara Falls, or the emerald lake located in Yoho national park? If you are still unconvinced about taking the dive, maybe a thought of skiing at the whistlers resort may change your mind.

It is a necessity

The system was established for screen out people who shouldn’t be allowed into the country. A person might be denied access into the country for numerous reasons but majorly because such person poses a security threat. So, even if one does not like the system, it is necessary to apply for the eTA Canada and save oneself from any trouble that may arise later.

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