5 Great Canadian Waterfalls

The truth is that Canada is home to so many national parks and waterfalls that one could spend a lifetime trying to see them all, and still probably have a few left. The country is known and praised for its natural beauty, as well it should be. This article is going to overview five of the most staggeringly beautiful Canadian Waterfalls.

Niagra Falls, Ontario

Let’s start with the obvious – Niagra Falls. Niagra Falls are the most powerful waterfalls in North America. They are so vast, and so impressive, they actually span both Canada and the United States. The Canadian side is home to the largest of the falls, Horseshoe Falls, and has an entire region set up to support vacations to it. Visit Niagra’s casinos, resorts, or just take a walk along the water to enjoy this beautiful natural wonder.

Nalicho (Virginia Falls), North West Territories

For those northern vacationers braving the beauty of the Canadian north, check out Virginia Falls. These falls get a little less attention than most, but Reader’s Digest Magazine has recognized them as being one of the most privately beautiful in existence. The falls themselves are far less tourist trampled, making for a truly secluded vacation for those who seek to adventure. While in the North, don’t forget to visit some of the many other sights available – it is a stunningly beautiful yet less explored region of Canada.

Montmorency Falls, Quebec

For those looking for the French-Canadian experience, heading to Quebec can still yield a breathtaking view. Montmorency Falls of Quebec City have many ways to enjoy them (from an observation deck to a bridge), and are one of the tallest waterfalls on Canadian soil. Absolutely gorgeous!

Shannon Falls, British Columbia

British Columbia is a hugely beautiful tourist destination for Canadian visitors, and it’s no wonder with sights such as Shannon Falls. Shannon Falls are an easy to get to, yet utterly breathtaking, view that allows people to park their cars and take just a short walk to enjoy all that nature has to offer.

Athabasca Falls, Alberta

Athabasca Falls is just another reason to want to visit Alberta. .The distinctly blue water rushing over cliffs is just one more view that to add to the list of the absolutely unforgettable. Located in Jasper, this is one not to be missed!

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