Unique Destination Series: Niagra Falls, Ontario

Niagra Falls are a set of the most famous and beautiful waterfalls to behold. So striking are these falls that the city was named after them, the entire city is full of fun things to see and do for Canadian visitors. People come from around the world to enjoy Niagra Falls. Viewing the falls themselves is...
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Visiting Quebec

The French-Canadian center of Canada, Quebec can be an extremely popular tourist destination in Canada. There is a lot to see and do, whether simply looking for the active nightlife experience of Montreal, or the nature lover’s opportunity to whale watch and see the mountains. This article is going to overview just a few of...
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Northern Canada’s Tourism Increases

Northern Canada isn’t always the first thought that springs to mind when people think of a Canadian vacation. Generally associated with the cold, and with a less populated area, the north has received substantially less attention than its southern counterparts. But this lack of attention may be undeserved, there’s a lot to do in Northern...
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