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Unique Destination series: HI Ottawa Jail hostel, Ottawa, Ontario

Ever wondered what it would feel like to spend a night in jail? The Ottawa Jail Hostel may be just the place to visit! As the name suggests, the Ottawa Jail Hostel was once an actual prison, the Nicholas Street Gaol. The prison was home to hundreds of prisoners at one time, and was generally a...
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Unique Destination Series: Hotel de Glace, Quebec City (all snow and ice!)

For anybody who loves winter, appreciated the recent Disney favourite Frozen, or has just ever wondered what an entire building made of ice would look like, consider visiting the Hotel de Glace in Quebec City. As the name suggests, this surprisingly large hotel offers !! square feet, room enough to showcase 44 hotel rooms, made entirely...
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Unique Destination Series: La Raeta Ranch, Saskatchewan

Ever wanted to try your hand at being a cowboy or cowgirl? Maybe a trip to La Raeta Ranch is the idea for you. Located on over 5,000 acres of prairie delight, the ranch is a working ranch looking after 200-250 cows and cattle. Guests can marvel at the skill of the staff, or join in...
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