A breakdown of ETA Canada

Everything You Need to Know About ETA Canada

When you’re travelling, you’re at the mercy of the rules of the nation you’re going to. Each country has its own specific guidelines as to how to enter and leave the country. While most are fairly straightforward, every now and then there is a specific requirement that takes a little bit of extra attention. In Canada, legislation has recently passed to state the need for an ETA when travelling through its borders.

Never heard of an ETA? Don’t worry, that’s exactly why you’re reading.

So What Is an ETA Anyway?

An Electronic Travel Authorization (or ETA for short) is essentially a digital type of visa. It allows officials to quickly assess and understand your crossing qualifications, and keeps everybody moving just a little bit quicker. That being said, this is not the only requirement for travelling in Canada, it is just the most recently developed one.

Do You Need One?

Anyone who is planning to travel through Canada needs this document – except for those who hold citizenship rights to the nation. This applies whether you are exclusively a Canadian citizen or a dual citizen, but without citizenship you would indeed require an ETA.

Some individuals have avoided these processes up to this point because of their “visa-exempt” status. This status is quickly becoming a thing of the past, and the reality of it is that if you are not a citizen of Canada, you will need an ETA to travel through.

How do you get one?

Thankfully, the application process for this particular travel requirement is not terribly cruel or lengthy. The entire thing can be completed online, provided you have a passport and some identification questions handy, and only takes about five minutes.

Surely it’s expensive then, right? Not so. The total cost of application is $7 CAD, which is paid at the time of application via credit card.

Once your application is paid for and submitted, the document gets emailed as soon as possible. Couldn’t be much simpler, right? So long as you keep your ETA Canada up to date, you’ll have no problems with it.


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