4 Things to Know About the New ETA Canada

As you may have heard, to travel to this country, an travel authorization is now necessary because of legislation passed back in December of 2013. While you won’t need an ETA Canada before March 15th, the following information will help you better understand what this new requirement involves.

American Citizens Are Exempt

If you can prove you’re a citizen of their southern neighbors, you don’t need a Canada ETA to enter the country.

That being said, the same does not hold true for citizens of other countries that were once allowed to travel there without the proper visa.

Chile, Australia and the most of the countries of Europe once had this type of arrangement, but that will change in 2016. Starting in March, you must have it to travel there unless you’re a citizen of the U.S.

You Need a Passport to Get a Canada ETA

Although they essentially function as visas, that doesn’t mean you don’t need a passport in order to get your document. This new requirement is simply part of a more stringent vetting process, so you must have a passport just to apply for the authorization.

Factor this into how long it will take to actually receive it. If you don’t have a passport already, you’ll have to start there.

It’s Only $7 CAD

Even though an ETA Canada is 100% required to enter the country, you have to appreciate how affordable the country made the application process. It’s only $7 CAD to get your Canada ETA.

You can pay for it with a Visa, MasterCard or American Express. The prepaid versions of these credit cards are acceptable as well.

It’s Through the Department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship

Much like with your passport, you have to go through the government to get your document.

This also helps keep things simple, though. You just go to the Department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship’s website.

As the documents  have only been available since August, 2015, there’s no way of estimating how long it will take you to receive one. The application only takes a few minutes, but you might have to wait weeks to receive confirmation.

Fortunately, most have received their ETA Canada confirmation within minutes. So long as you have the necessary documents, the entire thing should be a breeze.

Now that you understand how to get your ETA Canada, you’d be wise to make it a priority if you have plans that include the country in the future.

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